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The device question: laptops, tablets or 2-in-1s?

As employee demand for mobile working opportunities continues to grow, so must businesses strive to equip them with the tools needed to achieve this goal. We’re experiencing unprecedented demand for portable IT solutions such as laptops, tablets and 2-in-1s, based on conversations with partners and customers. But reflecting on the changing needs of businesses, the question employers are seeking an answer to is, which device is best?

Laptops lead the way

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution – every business has its own needs dependent on a myriad of factors; size, sector, and specific job role, to name but a few. Currently though, the conventional clamshell laptop is the most popular form factor with business customers.

These devices have continued to dominate the portable device market as vendors strive to meet users changing demands in this digital age. The latest laptop models are thinner, lighter and have improved performance, including features such as touch functionality and increased battery life. These features echo the increasingly flexible nature of jobs – employees need to be able to work anytime and anywhere to compete in a global business space.

Growing threat from 2-in-1s

Sitting not too far behind clamshells, and constantly growing in popularity, is the 2-in-1 or hybrid device. Detachable and convertible laptops devices afford users the flexibility of a laptop and tablet in one product, proving a convincing combination of form and function. It is this flexibility that is enabling businesses to embrace mobile working and remain competitive. Devices such as the Portégé X20W, equipped with the latest 7th gen Intel® Core™ processor, are providing users with a fast and user-friendly hybrid interface, helping them to adapt to different working environments with the click of a touchpad.

Future positions

While this seems to be a winning formula, the development and growth of Windows 10 and Touch apps will be vital in driving this form factor’s market share as the segment matures. One effect of the rise of 2-in-1s is the fall of the tablet, which is finding its position diminished as it quickly becomes a more niche item in business – typically used to facilitate more intimate face to face meetings.

Ultimately though, device needs vary on a case by case basis. It’s essential that – rather than following a trend which may be ill-fitting – IT managers carefully assess their own requirements and choose the device that best fits their business needs, be that mobility, power, security, or all of the above.

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